Diego Pisante Photo + Video

Photographer, filmmaker, and creator

Diego is a very talented, thoughtful, and mindful creator. He is a true storyteller bringing transparency on how to capture the moment. “It’s like an eternal live playback!” Nothing is more exciting than being every day in different places to explore and meet new people.

About Me

Story Teller

My passion for photography started photographing my group of friends and me on the trips, and it turned out that the camera was my go-to accessory, and eventually being part of me.

I graduated in 2005 from photography school, precisely when digital photography emerged, mixing film/digital in school. Further on was a natural move into the film industry.

For me, photography is about telling the history of the day there are so many emotions, expressions, and details that will be forever drawn through my lens.


My Philosophy

"I see photography as a special gift the ability to see what others don’t is something special because it seamlessly reconnects with me when it all started, kind of in an infinite loop that makes me be reinvented myself and be renewed year after year."



What Clients Say

“Diego was so professional, he made sure to get all of the important shots for our wedding and then some! Incredible photos, very easy to work with!

Stephanie Davis


“Above what we are expecting!! The pictures came out amazing! Looking forward planning our next photo session.”

Marcia Regina



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I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to get in touch via the form below.

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